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About Us

Moving Now is a digital marketing company that specializes in connecting real people or businesses that wish to move their furniture with professional removal companies in South Africa. The majority of moving companies in the Republic of South Africa partner with us for new business from local customers that need to move in the areas they work in.

We love working with removal companies in South Africa. What makes us all win together is the quality leads we send them via email and the professional service they provide on the ground. Through our joint efforts of working together, customers are left satisfied and will return to us all with more business in the future. Through this we grow together..

Why choose Moving Now as a partner?

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Perks For You

Only Pay Per Lead

You only pay when you receive a lead from us.

You Select The Areas You Wish To Service

We are a flexible lead generating company. You get to select the areas you wish to work in and we send you leads for those areas.

Get Feedback From The Clients That You Moved

We will let the clients you assist review the work that you would have done for them. Be it a good or bad review, use that feedback to improve on your service provision and become better at what you do! .

Have a Moving Specialist On Call 24/7

There is always someone from our company to answer any questions you may have and to help you grow your business. Simply send an email .


We are a very affordable marketing company that provides you with quality leads at a fraction of the cost. How do we achieve this? We have well trained marketing teams that do nothing but look for business on your behalf with no marketing charge being levied to you. You only pay for the lead you receive

Control Your Monthly Spend On Leads

We work on a prepaid top-up system therefore you will not be charged for anything that you will not be able to afford to pay for. This allows you to control how much money you spend on leads. Remember no CONTRACTS!


1How can I partner with Moving Now?
If you would like to be our removal partner, click on our SIGN-UP form and register. You will start your free 7-Day Trial when you give your details over to us. If you love the service after 7 days, let us know and we will gladly activate your account.
2How does Moving Now’s free trial work exactly?
When you are signed up for a free trial, you will receive details of a customer looking to move his or her furniture in the area that you service via email for the next 7 days for free.
3I am done with my 7-Day free trial and I absolutely love the service. How do I continue receiving leads from Moving Now?
This is simple. Just drop us an email at: We will respond with your necessary account and billing information. Let us know the maximum number of leads you wish to receive per day and top-up your account. You will start receiving leads immediately.
4How long do I have to respond to a lead?
We suggest making contact with the customer from the moment the lead lands in your email and 10 hours later for greater chances of winning the job.
5How do I respond to a lead?
That is totally up to you and how you do things at your company. However we suggest that you contact the customer via telephone and establish exactly what he or she needs done. Then follow through via email.
6What do I do if I receive a false quote request?
We would like you to know that we will always try and send you valid quote requests, however these things at times do happen. But no need to panic. You simply just need to send us an email to: with the lead reference number within 3 days from receiving the lead. Our QC department will check it and re-credit you if indeed it is a false lead.
7Can I select the areas I wish to receive leads from?
Yes you can. Simply state the areas you would like to receive leads from when you activate your 7-Day free trial. Should you wish to update your areas, send us an email at: with the new areas you service and we will update these for you
8Am I under any contract or obligation to pay a monthly amount to Moving Now?
No, this is not a contract. Choose when you start and stop your account. You also have the option to pause your account if you are not able to work for sometime.
9How do I pay for my leads with Moving Now?
You top-up your prepaid account by making an EFT payment into our account or via direct bank deposit. Upon your account activation, you will receive your unique account number which must quote as reference when topping up your account.
10Is there a minimum top-up amount when I top-up my account?
No, there is no minimum top-up amount. You may top-up your account with any amount.
11Are there any additional costs whatsoever?
Not at all. Your prepaid account will only be deducted as and when you receive a lead. During your free trial, you will not pay anything at all.
12What is the price of a quote request I will receive when my account is now fully active after my 7-Day trial?
We love making things affordable for our partners. Hence we will strive to keep our prices very low.
  • Local Leads - R60-00
  • Inter-provincial Leads - R60-00
  • Commercial Leads - R60-00
13Is my information and account secure?
Yes, your information is encrypted using the Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL).
14Can I cancel my account?
Yes, you may cancel your account at any time. Simply send us an email with the request and we will immediately close it.
15Is there a moneyback guarantee?
Yes, there is. Upon full activation of your account with us, we will be offering you a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our product and leads received. Simply send us an email and you will receive your full refund within 60 days.