About Us

About Us

Moving Now is a digital marketing company that specializes in connecting real people or businesses that wish to move their furniture with professional removal companies in South Africa. The majority of moving companies in the Republic of South Africa partner with us for new business from local customers that need to move in the areas they work in.

We love working with removal companies in South Africa. What makes us all win together is the quality leads we send them via email and the professional service they provide on the ground. Through our joint efforts of working together, customers are left satisfied and will return to us all with more business in the future. Through this we grow together..

Why choose Moving Now as a partner?

Quality Leads

We make sure to link you with actual clients who would like to move either their personal belongings or office furniture and equipment. We have more than 5 years experience in the industry and we boast of vast knowledge of what to distribute to our valued partners.


We are a very affordable marketing company that provides you with quality leads at a fraction of the cost. How do we achieve this? We have well trained marketing teams that do nothing but look for business on your behalf with no marketing charge being levied to you. You only pay for the lead you receive

No Contracts! No Crazy Bills Come Month End!

There are no contracts between yourself and Moving Now. You are the one in control. You choose when you wish to receive leads and when you would like to pause your account. You will also not have shocking bills at the end of the month as we only offer prepaid accounts